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Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Moon and putting on weight

When the Moon starts growing, so do we.  If you have problems with your weight, all excess food will stick to you, unless you are extra careful during the two weeks preceding Full Moon. But you can at least make an effort to keep your weight the same. Do not over eat and do not take food later than six pm.  It is not recommended that you punish your self with very strict diets as their effect will be minimal and most importantly short term. It will just make you frustrated and the lost weight will be gained back quickly with a few compensatory pounds on top. Just wait till the moon starts decreasing so you can start a successful strict diet.

But if you need to put on weight and strengthen your body, now is the time to act! All increase is facilitated by the growing Moon. The organism absorbs all nutrients the best of its ability and is able to heal itself. It is best that you give you self a break and go easy on the dieting. All muscle builders should be exhilarated with the results from their workout at this period.
At the end of this period, the Full moon, you will feel especially heavy if you have been consuming lots of food. Therefore it is best that you decrease the amount of food a day before the exact Full moon. All unsweetened liquids and especially soothing herbal teas (cammomille, mint, valerian) will do you good as the nervous system is also strained during summit of the cycle. Sleep might also be affected if you been indulging in rich foods those three days.

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